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Stump Grinding Service Pricing Info.

We assume a 10” stump cut – this is the total of the stump above, and below, the soil line of the stump. See the diagram that shows a stump with an example of a 10” total vertical line.

Stumps are priced based primarily on their size in width at the soil line (ground level), but other variables may apply as well.

The minimum charge of $100 will cover up to an 18” stump

Larger stumps:

  • to 24″ $200
  • to 30″ $300
  • free in-person quote for larger stumps, or if roots are involved

Additional charges may apply for circumstances including: chasing roots, going deeper than 6” under soil line, stumps taller than 6” above soil line, debris such as rocks or metal, and going outside Orange and Seminole counties.

Of course this will be included in the estimate for your full approval. After your okay, we’ll complete the work, and then leave a bill with instructions on mailing a check.

For a Free Quote, call (407) 986-6305 and tell us:

  1. your name,
  2. address where stump is located, and any specific information of where it is in the yard,
  3. tell us if access is available, and
  4. phone number that you can be reached.

When we arrive, we’ll evaluate the stump, or stumps, and phone you with an estimate on the spot. We come prepared to perform the work, so once we have your express approval, we’ll take care of the stumps right then. It’s as easy as that.

Debris Hauling General Pricing Info

Dump Trailer Services is typically $200 per load + dump fees. A load is 9,000 lbs maximum and at the time of estimate we should have a good idea of total cost.


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