Free Mulch Orlando

Free Mulch Orlando

Looking for free mulch in Orlando? Unfortunately we don’t offer this, however is happy to deliver loads of free mulch to our customers when the following arrangements are understood:

TIMING: They deliver them to you when they do a job in your area, which can be between one day and two months after your request. The quickest way to get a load is to hire us to trim your trees!

QUALITY: Our mulch varies in quality and includes chips, leaves, twigs. It is not uniform and dyed like the high-quality landscape mulch for sale at Lowes.

QUANTITY: The loads are only one size: huge! They measure 30 cubic yards each, or the size of three minivans in a row, so consider whether you and your neighbors can utilize it all. We do not return to retrieve excess mulch or move it to a different location.

ACCESS: Our large dump trucks require wide access and the dump bed rises higher than some rooftops, so consider whether you have a dumpsite free of low branches and utility lines. Firm ground is required so that the truck doesn’t get stuck on your property. A truck with such a heavy load can also damage sidewalks, driveways, septic tanks, and irrigation systems, so please help us mitigate these risks. Keep this in mind if you submit a form for mulch through

LOCATION: Under normal circumstances, they only deliver free mulch to locations within Orange, Seminole, and Volusia counties. If you still think free mulch in Orlando is worth it, we recommend giving them a call and not bothering us.

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