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Stump Grinding Vs Stump Removal. Which is Best?

Stump grinding requires far less effort. Arborists utilize a machine to totally shred the stump into small woodchips in this scenario. Grinding is far more efficient than stump removal, although it does leave the roots of the tree behind. The chip pile formed by a giant stump can be rather substantial as well, however the […]

252 vermeer stump grinder

Most of our small machines are 252 Vermeer Stump Grinders. They weigh around 1,060 lbs and take gas for fuel. The machines are self-propelled and can be safely maneuvered to the a back yard or through a gate if necessary. Apart of from being obnoxiously loud, 252 stump grinders can stink of the neighborhood with […]

5 Advantages of Orlando Stump Grinding

Your once-perfect garden is now a mess – a complete eyesore! Stumps and tree roots have overrun your meticulously laid-out garden beds, destroying the essence of your hard work and leaving you feeling defeated. From here, you can choose from two approaches: you can either get out your trusty hand spade and start digging up […]

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